Follow host Barry Cloyd as he travels to different locations around the state to discover how soybeans go from a tiny seed to your dinner plate and beyond. Funded by the Illinois soybean checkoff, this series allows viewers to see how soybeans are grown, transported, processed and more!

Episode I - Planting

Barry finds himself in field just outside of Hudson, Ill., where he visits with ISA Director Rob Shaffer to learn about the process of planting a soybean field.

Episode II - Growing

Barry returns to Rob Shaffer's farm to find out what steps farmers must take throughout the growing cycle to maximize their yield, including the importance of scouting and spraying for weeds, insect pests and diseases.

Episode III - Harvest

Barry makes one final trip to Rob Shaffer's farm to watch what happens at the end of the growing season to make harvest possible.

Episode IV - Elevators & Trains

Barry stops by Taloma Farmers Grain to explore the role elevators and trains play in transporting soybeans across the country.


Accompanying Lesson Plans
How to Store a Billion Beans
Soybean Math: Fun by the Bushel

Episode V - Trucking

Barry journeys to Wachtel Farms to learn about the role trucks and trucking companies play in transporting soybeans from the field to their final destinations... and everywhere in between.

Accompanying Lesson Plans
Soybean Ads by the Truckload
Moving Soybeans Vocabulary Tag

Episode VI - Processing

Barry begins this leg of the Pod to Plate soybean journey by visiting a soy processing plant. The processing plant takes the soybean from its natural state to meal and oil. Traveling to two different facilities, Barry then learns how soybean meal becomes nutritious animal feed and how soybean oil transforms into all sorts of fantastic cleaning products.

Episode VII - End Uses

Barry explores a local grocery store, and a hog farm, to find out all of the ways soybeans are used in our daily lives.

School Tour Visits

Join ISA Ag Literacy Coordinator Janet Hodel on her Pod to Plate educational tour. During her travels, she visits elementary classrooms around Illinois to teach students about soybean production. Funded in part by the Illinois soybean checkoff, the Pod to Plate tour features an interactive presentation and lessons on soybean production that are tailored to each grade level.

Rankin Elementary

Janet visits a fourth grade class at Rankin Elementary School in Pekin, Ill. While there, she shared details on how soybeans affect our daily lives and introduced students to

Chatham Elementary

During this stop on the Pod to Plate school tour, Janet shared the history of soybeans and soybean use with fourth and fifth graders at Chatham Elementary School in Chatham, Ill.