Learn about and test your soybean knowledge… and have fun at the same time with our interactive games.

Pod to Plate

Featuring Sam the Soy Biodiesel Semi and his friends, this program offers a self-guided adventure where users can discover everything about soybeans by visiting and exploring five different destinations: Production, Transportation, Processing, Products and Exports. Players can customize their own soy biodiesel semi-truck, select the level of difficulty and choose the areas they want to investigate. When each of the five built-in quizzes is completed, a different "token" is earned. After all five tokens are collected, the winner can choose to print a certificate of achievement. Enter the Pod to Plate world!

Don't forget the Teacher's Guide!

Because this game was designed to serve as a curriculum for students in grades 3 through 8, we also developed a helpful Teacher's Guide to provide an overview of the website and answer keys for the related worksheets. Download the Teacher's Guide today!

Think'n with Lincoln

Created to tie in with Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday celebration for the 2009 Farm Progress Show, this video-based trivia game teaches facts about soybeans and Lincoln via multiple-choice and true-false answers. In 2010, it received accolades from the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA), earning both the Region IV and National first place "Best of NAMA" awards in the digital presentation category. Play Think'n with Lincoln!

Memory Game

Put your memory to the test by playing the Memory Match Game! This agricultural-themed memory game tests your speed and knowledge by how fast and accurately you pair up each set of images. The quicker you are at pairing them, the higher you score!